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Keeping kids Occupied Inside And Out

For summertime outdoor play we have several options for kids of all interests. The 12FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop is a great way to inspire kids to get out there and get active, having their own basketball games with friends during beautiful summer days. For smaller ones, the Boat Sand Pit with Canopy has a blue canopy to keep the direct sun off delicate skin, while little ones can sit, play, explore, and use their imaginations digging in the sand for their own treasures.

Indoor play can be more than video games, tablets, and screens. Indoor kids toys can help to boost imaginations and invite kids to explore their talents and the world around them. A 4-in-1 Games Table features hockey, soccer, pool, and table tennis games perfect for siblings and friends, encouraging social interaction and skill building at the same time. For solo play, musical play instruments like guitars, keyboards, and drums can help to inspire a love of music in kids, helping them to build a skill that they can continue to enjoy for a lifetime.