Why Choose a Breathable Cot Mattress?

Breathable Cot Mattress

We are often asked “Why choose a breathable cot mattress?”  Did you know that healthy sleep habits start at birth, and your baby is doing a whole lot of growing while they’re asleep!

Brain activity during sleep has been shown to help baby’s ability to learn and absorb the information they receive during all waking hours of the day. Simply put, when your baby gets great sleep, they are better able to interact with and learn from the world around them. Where does great sleep begin for baby? With their cot and mattress!

Much like how our beds act as an anchor piece to our bedroom interior style, so does your baby’s cot in their nursery. With our cot and mattress packages, you can have both style and comfort at once; your nursery looks beautiful while your baby has just what they need to get their very best sleep.

Cots come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, from simple and straightforward to whimsical and unique. If you are seeking something that’s eco-friendly and sustainable for your baby’s nursery, you might choose cot materials such as European beechwood, and rustic oak which bring nature indoors in a way you can feel good about. Not only are these materials strong enough to provide safe and durable use, but they’re also naturally sourced for environmentally conscious infant care.

What’s features should I look for in a Breathable Cot Mattress?

Infants spend over 80% of their first years asleep, so you’ll want to make sure every second spent in their cot is one that is high quality. Our Breathable cot mattresses are anti-microbial, allergy resistant, orthopaedic for optimal comfort, and made from 100% cotton, bamboo and polyester fibre fabrics.

A good thing to look for is a removable mattress cover. Our Breathable mattresses ensures that any messes can be cleaned up quickly, easily, and simply so that baby can have their bedding back fresh and clean in no time at all. Our Breathable mattresses come in a range of shapes to suit different cots from the traditional rectangular cot mattress to oval and round mattresses which are custom fitted to perfectly suit your choice of cot.

We hope these tips have been helpful and it makes you feel more confident in choosing the right mattress for your baby.

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